ZigZag Soap Dish


Zigzag soap dish – White marble terrazzo

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Extend the life of your soap and add a pop of colour with this unique terrazzo soap dish*. Speckled with various colours on a backdrop of white which has a slight sparkle. The grooves allow water to drain off the soap and into your sink, and also allows air to circulate around the soap to dry it out.

For larger bathrooms, this can be used a toothbrush holder, or even a paintbrush holder!

Charcoal black colour is also available on request.

– Approx dimensions: 13cm x 7cm x 3.5cm

– Hand-sanded then sealed with waterproof sealant

*Soap not included

Care: Wash off any soapy products after water drainage and allow to air dry. To extend product life, do not keep submerged in water/liquids.

Please note that the piece you will receive will not exactly match the picture shown. Each product is handmade to order, therefore variations in colour and pigment distribution, characteristics such as air bubbles and slight unevenness or bumps can also occur, and will always be unique to each piece. These are not considered defects.

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